Become a general supporter or choose from the Wish List:

Plant a tree in the Discovery Center $100
Sponsor a page on the web site for 1 year $250
Sponsor a Discovery Center Garden Area $250-500
Enhance the Pre-historic Artifact Exhibit $750
Enhance the plants of Lewis and Clark Exhibit $1,500
Enhance the Mariwether Lewis Exhibit $2,000
Enhance the Hohenwald/New Switzerland Exhibit $1,500
Sponsor the Conservation Area $2,000
Sponsor a room in Fort Oliver $2,000
Enhance the Hohenwald Depot Exhibit $2,500
Create the Railcar Exhibit including decks $7,500
Support the LED Light Conversion Fund $7,500
Support Energy Conservation improvements $7,500
Build the Ice House Outdoor Amphitheater $7,500
Build a bridge in the Water Area $10,000
Build The Pond $10,000
Build the Waterfall $40,000
Restore the Ice House for the Classroom $200,000

Ice House Classroom Plans.

Donations can be mailed to:
Lewis County Historical Society
P.O. Box 703
Hohenwald, TN  38462.

Please specify  if your donaction is to be used for a specific purpose.  Also, please include a return mailing address so that we may send a receipt and acknowledgment.

For  questions, email

The Lewis County Museum is owned and operated by the Lewis County Historical Society, a Tennessee non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and donations may be tax deductible. Seek advice from your own tax preparer for tax questions.