The museum contains displays on local history as well as the Maddox Wildlife Collection.  

In the local history area, visitors begin with a display on pre-historic artifacts found in Lewis County, including some of the oldest pottery discovered in the Southeast. The Meriwether Lewis display describes the Lewis and Clark expedition and discusses the mystery surrounding his death in Lewis County.  A cabin interior shows how early Middle Tennessee settlers survived in the Old Southwest. The Civil War display contains a stunning 1854 canvas map of the U.S.  Young people can learn how land was divided into  tracts for ownership and try their hand at a surveyor's transit. The Gordonsburg mine exhibit allows visitors to feel the dangers miners faced in the early 1900 era Lewis County phosphate mines. Finally, the New Switzerland and Hohenwald exhibit displays artifacts for Hohenwald's unique founding as an intentional community that attracted European immigrants.

Next, visitors can go on safari with Dan and Margaret Maddox in the Maddox Wildlife Collection area. A self-guided video and audio tour allows young visitors to select the mission of finding certain animals from among the Maddox Collection. After meeting the Maddoxes though the video presentation, visitors learn about animal conservation, then study the terrain they will be visiting, get outfitted and begin their safari to find their animals. The Maddox Collection allows visitors to see up close animals from around the globe. The Maddox Collection is complimented by Walter Darden's bird egg collection and additional animals donated by Harry Seratt.

Special programming on the animals is available at scheduled times. Check the website for more information.

After viewing the Museum, visitors can then explore the outdoor Discovery Trail.  See the Discovery Trail page for exhibits that can be viewed in the Discovery Center.

 Take What You Learn and Explore the Beautiful Lewis County Forests Surrounding Hohenwald.

The museum is located at 108 East Main Street, Hohenwald, TN  38462,
GPS Coordinates   N35 32.880  W 87 33.028

Adults $5,  Seniors $4, Students $2

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday through Saturday:  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday: Closed
Monday:  Closed
Major Holidays:  Closed

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For more information on what to see and do in Hohenwald, visit:  - General Visitor Information  -  Information about the Strand Theatre also located in the Discovery Center